How to get your research paper written in 10 days

Getting a research paper written in a matter of days may seem impossible, but it has been done. Typically, you would want to spend more time writing such a paper depending on your topic and required length. In this case you want to make the best of the time you have so you can produce a paper worth a good grade. Writing a paper in a matter of days can be done when you plan your time effectively. What you do with your time and the topic you choose is important. You can select a topic that will make the writing process easier for you to follow. You can also make an outline to break up the assignment so you have something to do each of the 10 days to make it easier. Here are basic tips to help you plan your next 10 days accordingly.

Use a Schedule to Help Divide the Work

A schedule can help you stay focused on the task, even when you have other things to take care of. You can break up the work throughout the time you have available to complete it. So, if you have several days to complete the work you can assign a task for the day and try to get it done within a certain amount of time. When dividing the work, make sure all tasks are completed at the end of the day and mark them off your list.

Have a List of Sources Ready to Use

A source list for your topic will make things easier for you. You may want to create this list on the first day you work on your assignment. As time moves forward you can refer to it and go straight to the source, saving you time and energy. The list should include reputable sources such as government and academic websites, reference books and people to talk to when you need another opinion or a quote to include in your work. You can find sample ideas online of what types of sources you can use for your research paper. Your school may also provide a few tips on credible sources.

Research Your Topic for New Information to Cut Down Research Time

If you select a topic you know well you may know information verbatim. This can cut down on how much research you need to complete. When you do research your topic look for new details to add to what you know. This can reduce the time necessary to read and you have more time to write your paper. You may learn later on whether you have enough information or you need to clarify something if you have a concern. Just refer to your resource list and try to use different sources to get the unique data you want for your topic.

Have Outline Ready to Help You Write

The outline is an idea of what your research paper will look like when it is completed. You will have sections and subheadings detailed to show where each piece of data will go. You will provide information on supporting evidence and discussion points to mention for your topic. You can use this throughout the writing process to make sure you write all sections required. You can even use it to help you plan your next 10 days. You can give each section of your outline a date you would complete your content by. This will help you know how much work you have to complete before your deadline.